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About Gad Overseas International forwarders

Gad Overseas International Forwarders was established by some of the most experienced shipping business professionals, who banded together to provide boutique services in the field to business customers and small and medium businesses. Throughout our professional accompaniment, we prioritize service quality, reliability, and precise personal adaptation to the needs of any client.

Customized Work Program

In Gad Overseas International Forwarders, we understand that every business has its own needs and requirements and that the vision the brand represents is unique to it and it alone. Therefore, our commitment to representing the client’s best interests is no mere slogan by the motto which guides every aspect of our activity. Fulfilling your unique needs will be our top priority throughout the service period.

Globally deployed Professional Accompaniment

We provide experienced and skilled agents that will be available for you throughout the world. Our agents will offer you a wide variety of dynamic solutions adapted to the needs of any customer and, if required, to every supplier / manufacturer. Regardless of the limitations the products are subject to, and the suppliers through which the service is conducted, we will help you route any shipment through almost any state.

A wide range of services

We will be delighted to assist you the following fields:

Customs duties

International shipping and forwarding

Consultation in the field of import and export

Accompaniment in submitting import licenses and approvals in the National

Standards Institute, the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, and other "Maslul" system bodies.

Our specializations

Over the years we have accompanied a broad variety of industries and learned their unique needs in depth. The extensive professional experience we accumulated focuses on several main fields of interest:

Metal accessories

Wood products, plastic and raw materials or factories

Industrial machines and machinery

Swimming pool equipment


Computers and servers

Medical devices


In addition, we have extensive experience in routing goods from a variety of additional occupations. We provide services in the Port of Ashdod, Ben-Gurion International Airport and Rishon Le-Tzion Customs.

Additional services

What makes us your natural choice

It is important for us to stress that we are not salespeople and we aren’t here to push you to purchase a product. Our specialty is in professional consultation and accompaniment on shipping services. In order to guarantee that this aspect of your organization will operate optimally, it is important you have a professional that can help you reach the highest possible standards of success, sparing you much time and expenses.

We are here to free you of the exhausting and lengthy bureaucratic wrangling that is so often required when working versus big, complex corporations. We will be delighted to help you realize that this experience can be much simpler and more pleasant.

We have been guided by two main principles in our activities over the years:

First – we never take a project we are not sure we can complete.

Second – we ensure beyond any shadow of a doubt that the imported shipment for our clients meets every law and import limitation and notify the customer as to our conclusions.

We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to provide you with the highest possible standard of service achievable in the field. In order to ensure this is the case, we only work with a select number of clients at any given time.

Do you require a personal import/returning resident/new immigrant/ returning student shipment?

Please download the document in the attachment below, fill it, and send it to us by Email.

Be sure to fill out all details on the form, including the details of the contents and its values in Euro or dollars (including used items), amount and estimated size of cartons/packages, manner of the shipment arrival in the country (air or see), and also note the address of collection overseas.

We are always open for new collaborations

We are constantly expanded and improving our operations, adapting ourselves to the newest trends in the field. As such, we are always looking for business partners and/or service providers that will help us continue to ensure uncompromising professionalism and reliability, providing them with "out of the box" solutions.

We are seeking professionals to collaborate of in the following fields:


International shipping, with or without clients

Licensing officials and independent firms in the Swift port/Ashdod Port/ Haifa Port/ cargo and duties pier.

Transportation and shipping companies including distribution, packing and logistics.

Individuals licensed to handle dangerous materials.

We are here to help you in everything that is required

We have told you about ourselves, now all you need to do is take the next step. To learn more about our services and receive professional assistance throughout your shipping processes, we invite you to contact us today and we will be sure to contact you back shortly.

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